Evaluating Earnings Tax Programs in Europe, 2023

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The lately printed Worldwide TaxA tax is a compulsory fee or cost collected by native, state, and nationwide governments from people or companies to cowl the prices of normal authorities providers, items, and actions.
Competitiveness Index (ITCI)
2023 compares how nicely OECD nations promote sustainable financial progress and funding via aggressive, impartial tax programs. This text examines how European OECD nations rank on particular person taxes, persevering with our sequence on the ITCI’s element rankings.

The ITCI’s particular person tax element scores OECD nations on their high marginal particular person revenue taxA person revenue tax (or private revenue tax) is levied on the wages, salaries, investments, or different types of revenue a person or family earns. The U.S. imposes a progressive revenue tax the place charges enhance with revenue. The Federal Earnings Tax was established in 1913 with the ratification of the sixteenth Modification. Although barely 100 years previous, particular person revenue taxes are the largest supply of tax income within the U.S.
charges and thresholds, how complicated the revenue tax is, and the tax charges levied on revenue from capital good points and dividends.

Comparing income tax systems in Europe as of 2023 including income taxes in Europe data

Estonia has essentially the most aggressive particular person tax system within the OECD for the tenth consecutive 12 months. The Baltic nation levies a high marginal revenue tax fee of 20 p.c on wage revenue, the second lowest fee within the OECD. Estonia applies the highest fee at 0.72 occasions the common nationwide revenue, making it a comparatively flat revenue tax.

Estonia’s labor tax funds are largely automated, leading to one of many best revenue tax programs to adjust to within the OECD. Estonian policymakers prioritize simplicity, which is persistently evident all through the tax code.

Resulting from Estonia’s cash-flow tax on enterprise earnings, there isn’t a separate levy on dividend revenue, setting the dividend tax fee to zero p.c. Capital good points are taxed at a fee of 20 p.c, near the OECD common of 19 p.c and aligned with its company tax.

In distinction, the Danish particular person revenue tax system is the least aggressive of all European OECD nations (Chile ranks the bottom within the OECD). Denmark’s high marginal tax feeThe marginal tax fee is the quantity of extra tax paid for each extra greenback earned as revenue. The typical tax fee is the full tax paid divided by complete revenue earned. A ten p.c marginal tax fee signifies that 10 cents of each subsequent greenback earned can be taken as tax.
of 55.9 p.c is utilized at 9.6 occasions the common nationwide revenue, together with an 8 p.c labor market tax. Capital good points and dividends are each taxed at high charges of 42 p.c, the very best within the OECD.

Click on right here to see an interactive model of OECD nations’ particular person tax rankings, then click on on a particular nation for extra details about the strengths and weaknesses of its tax system.

To see whether or not a rustic’s particular person tax rank has improved in recent times, try the desk beneath. To be taught extra about how we decided these rankings, learn our methodology right here.

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